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Guard Card Training

Security Training Center®, LLC., is proud to offer our Guard Card Training system for site license by security officer trainers in State approved and licensed training facilities or by licensed private or proprietary security officer agencies or business providers. Many companies have highly trained and experienced individuals but either lack the teaching experience or materials to be able to impart the knowledge. For situations like these, Security Training Center,® LLC. offers pre-packaged Guard Card Training materials. Our team is comprised exclusively of educational professionals, many of whom hold advanced degrees in Adult Education and Training.

Deliver seamless and multi-faceted lectures with our comprehensive educational package of student manuals, instructor guides and PowerPoint presentations. Provide collegiate-level training without the time and effort of coursework development. We have done all the heavy work for you!

All course material is approved and accredited by local state agencies.

Packages include:

Student Manuals

Professionally printed and bound manuals priced such that training facilities can give the manuals away to students. All material is presented in an easy to understand format using common language without industry jargon.

Student manuals include:

Instructor Guides

Our Instructor Guides are the perfect compliment to the student manuals.

Instructor Presentations

Designed to make even the most inexperienced lecturer look professional.


Professionally crafted exams designed to challenge students and test understanding of key learning activities.

All examinations are compliant with local state testing guidelines and requirements.

Setting a National Standard for Guard Card Training.

Manuals and materials currently available for the states of Arizona and Califorina.